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You can scour the world for sensational gifts and end up spinning in the wind, like our fall yard decor below.

The pursuit of perfect gift ideas end here. Skip the streets and tweets. Opt for a gift that conveys special meaning.

  • In the Breeze – Autumn Triple Wheel Spinner. A great festive and colorful wind spinner!
  • The spinner is 14″ wide by 38″ high by 9″ deep. Each wheel measures 14″, 11″ & 8″ respectively. This MESMERIZING SPINNER is made with durable fabric that is stain, UV and weather resistant.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY means that you will have it spinning in your yard in no time.
  • Your GARDEN WILL COME ALIVE with the addition of this ground spinner. Along with the three wheels, each spinner includes a ground stake, a 2-section fiberglass pole, spacers and end cap.
  • This VIBRANT SPINNER is a great addition to your FALL COLORS. It certainly is an easy and fun way to add some movement and color to your yard.

SWORD leather jacket from The Leather Factory is a popular trendsetter. It’s made of quality real lambskin leather and has 4 front pockets plus 3 inside pockets.

The lining is of quilted polyester that is warm and comfortable. 

Love this jacket. Leather is super soft and the quilted lining is really nice. 3 inside pockets. 2 large enough for a wallet or phone and one small finger pocket on the left that you could fit a lighter and chopstick in at the same time.”

— H. Stirnweiss

Piano keys sliced into a thin strip for page divider purposes on BoomerSwag!
Diamond Musical Note jewelry pin leaning against a white teacup on a wooden table on BoomerSwag


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Enjoy unique and remarkable media in all formats. We’ve assembled collections that range from DIY to downright bizzare. If you are longing for some time “off the beaten path” you’re in just the right place.

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Multi color floating orbs from Amazon on BoomerSwag!

Floating Light Balls

It’s no secret that good (or bad!) lighting can determine the atmosphere of a room. It’s the feeling you get when you walk into a room with a blazing fireplace and are instantly cozy in its warm glow. Light up your lifetime with new and unique home decor options...

Swag Defined

Swag can be something as simple as a Pong t-shirt or as sophisticated as a hand-carved bamboo umbrella. It can be a small candy dish or a huge hang-glider. You can find it on Rodeo Drive or down at your local second-hand store.

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The Sonic Boomer Effect

When we were growing up everyone kept saying that in the year 2000 we would have flying cars! Robots would tend to our every need, we could choose the eye color of our child, and telephones would have TV in them. Take another look at predictions from our past!

Gskyer Telescope