Multi color floating orbs from Amazon on BoomerSwag!
It’s no secret that
 good (or bad!) lighting can determine the atmosphere of a room. It’s the feeling you get when you walk into a room with a blazing fireplace and are instantly cozy in its warm glow, compared to the feeling you get under the crackling buzz of a fluorescent light in the dentist’s office waiting room. Lighting matters, but you don’t have to be an interior designer to make the right lamp selections for your home! 

HOME Pair of Light Wood Finish Table Lamps - Cream.Lamps

Complete your room with these matching retro style table lamps with a sturdy block base and contrasting neutral fabric shades. The pair of lamps require some assembly and are from our friends at


Curved black desk lamp

Inspired by futuristic science fiction movies, the Crest Desk Lamp encompasses the style, tone, and sleekness of a modern art piece created in the distant future. Elegant arch puts out a cool vibe while being energy efficient! Standing – or better yet, elegantly arching at 13 inches in height, this contemporarily styled desk lamp finished in matte black carries a much sought after dark and mysterious vibe. With futuristic style comes futuristic technology, the Crest Desk Lamp is powered by three cool and vivid 1-Watt LED bulbs. These energy efficient beacons of light will remain bright and crisp through 20 years of use.



Levitron lamp from Amazon on BoomerSwag!The Levitron Lamp pits gravity against magnetism which allows the lamp shade to magically levitate more than 3 centimeters above its base. Around the rim of the lamp shade base are 6 high-intensity LEDs with a cool white light output. This lamp will act as a piece of functional art where ever displayed with its mesmerizing futuristic design and energy efficient accent lighting.



Mesh screen hanging lampCrafted from a simple power cord and hanging light bulb socket surrounded by a fiber reinforced, rice paper lamp shade, with a top and bottom collar. Bamboo strips are beautifully bent, cross woven, and attached to those collars to create these remarkable hanging lanterns. Finding unique, interesting, and beautiful ceiling lights can be difficult, but this little gem may be just what you need.

Five-bulb hanging candle lampAmazon

The Art Deco-inspired Bristol five-light chandelier melds sophisticated traditional aesthetics with modern flair thanks to its clean lines, gracefully upturned alabaster glass bulb shades, and sleek satin nickel finish. Warmly emitting a soft glow through the slightly frosted glass, this light fixture contributes ambiance to any room in your home, be it a cozy dining nook or elegant front entryway.  


Also from Hardware House is the matching Saturn Series Satin Nickel 4-Light Bath or Wall Lamp. A recent comment from a satisfied buyer:

Four-bulb candle shade lampLooks like a million bucks. Replaced some aging polished brass fixtures with these. (bought 2) They can apparently go either up or down..we mounted them down. Easy as falling off a log. They look like lamps I’ve seen for 3-4 times the price.Amazon

LampStrip image strip on BoomerSwag!

Super bright LED reading lightAmazon

Super bright LED reading light with 450 Lumen of brightness. The light panel has a 32-piece LED light module to produce eye-pleasing natural daylight at 5500-6500 Kelvin color temperature. The light emitting panel provides powerful yet even light without harsh glare or shadows. Latest technology bulbs are energy efficient and consume only 4.5 Watts of power. Save money and lower your power bills.



motion activated ceiling light for the garage, basement, or any room in the home that requires more light AmazonThe TRiLIGHT is a motion activated ceiling light for the garage, basement, or any room in the home that requires more light than a traditional light bulb can produce. Most importantly, it delivers the power of a lighting system that typically requires an expensive install by a licensed electrician, but it is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. 


Set of four outside garden lamps.I absolutely love these lights. I bought a gazebo and placed these 2 around the sides. They are just the right brightness. We have entertained till we hours of the morn and these lights were still on at 5 am. I will be purchasing another set of maybe the 4 pack this time for the pool and a blue tooth speaker for our listening pleasure! Lol

on June 24, 2017


Multi color floating orbs from Amazon on BoomerSwag!


Discover how beautiful Mood Light Garden Deco Balls (Light Up Orbs) can make an outdoor evening all year long! The light up sphere can be set to 7 different colors or transition from color to color. Press the button on the bottom of the Light Up Orb to activate. The many LED colors can be activated by pushing the button on the bottom of the ball. Deco Balls are stylish in their simplicity which allows for endless decor possibilities! These floating, frosty orbs help create a brilliant ambiance inside or out! Use the mood ball to light up a dark pathway, set many in a large clear bowl for a modern and luminous centerpiece or as an alternative to candles for a lovely dinner. They are also waterproof which makes them even more versatile!

All Star Night Light projection display on BoomerSwag!Amazon

All-star child’s night light features a timer with 5 to 95-minute cycle. Four modes including rotate or do not rotate star display, switch display colors or light with a warm sleep-inducing color.

If you have a little guy who’s frightened of the dark this is just an awesome and lovely product. It has been getting used every night for 6 months, still works perfect, tons of variables. Kids love it, and so do we parents. Absolutely love love love this night light.