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Boomer Swag Begins Here


Night Life from Society6

New unseen things for walls and halls and not from malls.

We’re widening our outlook upon all things swag, and this is the newest jump-in spot.

Mega Man DVD

Mega Man DVD

We accept that since most of our visitors are of the male flavor, we’re adding more items and choices for the ladies in our lives. Something for everyone is on the way!

Fantastic art on this awesome blanket from the folks at Society6!

A Lot of Cats 51″ x 60″ Blanket
PixelWith winter weather disrupting daily routines we’re concentrating at indoor activities and the spaces where we spend more time.

We have been compiling a selection of assorted items such as board games and puzzles, kitchen gadgets and gizmos, hobbies and pastimes. New electronics will show up here and there, as will warm clothing, hand warmers and the trappings of winter.

Phrenology Chart Vintage Style Head Poster

Vintage Phrenology Poster

Flowered cell phone cover on BoomerSwag.

Flowered fone case