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Thank you for visiting our pages. We strive to keep everything up-front and without hassle. Please let us know just how we are doing!

Our primary contact is the only e-mail address we have on the site, and it’s my own account:

Each page also features a comment section at the bottom which you can use to send us your thoughts, suggestions, comments or errors. We really get a kick out of hearing from everyone at any time — please drop us a line.

We have more web locations with our stuff on them. Here is a brief list that will get you started. Look for more links in the near future.

Pinterest Logo on BoomerSwag!Always on the outlook, we seek and find cool and striking pins for our assorted Pinterest boards. Please browse at will!

At the moment we have thirteen boards with just 889 pins — yet our average views per month is just over 80,000! Thank you so very much for visiting us here and see what we’ve collected on Pinterest starting right here! We really hope you’ll find something awesome!

FaceBook BoomerSwag Logo on BoomerSwag!Right after we launched the BoomerSwag pages we began building a similar FaceBook page. It used to be known as Rock, Stock, and Barrel but that has since faded. We now publish mostly music news and features on BoomerSwag but the occasional swag article finds its way onto the screen.

Feel free to leave a comment there or post an article or share your favorite music video. Rock on!

More soon — Updated May 31, 2017