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Aerosmith Early Concert Announcement Poster on BoomerSwag

Aerosmith is having a bang-up time these days, getting ready for an upcoming summer tour in Europe.


In early April the band will headline the NCAA March Madness Music Festival in Phoenix.  Fans will be able to tune in for stellar performances via live stream including the official NCAA YouTube channel. Should be a real madhouse for the band and fans and media and, of course, advertisers.

They are hoping to not have another scary scene like the one that unfolded some 38 years ago while returning to the stage for an encore tune in Philadelphia. An M-80, thrown by some ignorant concert-goer, burned Tyler’s cornea and severed an artery in Joe Perry’s hand, forcing the band to take an emergency hiatus. 

Following the incident, Aerosmith declined several offers for repeat performances in Philadelphia. When they finally agreed to return, a little more than a year later, on Nov. 25, 1978, Tyler was once again injured onstage.

Brad Whitford, in Aerosmith’s autobiography, Walk This Way:

Five songs into a sold-out show, someone threw a beer bottle from the balcony. It hit the stage dead center, right in front of the monitor, and exploded – sending shards of glass into Steven’s face. I think some glass went right through his mouth. That’s it. Backstage, Steven’s holding a towel to his bloody face, and he wants to go back on! The vote was four-to-one against, and we were in the limos two minutes later. F— this.”

Aerosmith became the band name in part due to the Three Stooges. Apparently, the guys spent afternoons getting stoned while sitting around watching old episodes of the television program. During one of their post-Stooges brainstorming sessions, they were kicking around band names. Kramer said that lately he had been writing the word aerosmith on all of his notebooks. He envisioned the name after listening to Harry Nilsson’s album Aerial Ballet, which features a cover depicting a circus performer jumping out of a biplane. The bandmates were confused; they thought he was talking about the Sinclair Lewis novel since it was required reading in their high school English class. “No, not Arrowsmith,” Kramer explained. “A-E-R-O…Aerosmith.

After some major sales of their first two albums and a growing group of fans, Toys In The Attic became the ‘breakthrough’ album for the band. They gained sudden international exposure and popularity as a result of the third studio release. Tyler’s idea regarding the cover of the album was a cartoon-like drawing of a teddy bear, sitting in an attic with a cut wrist and stuffing flowing across the floor. Instead, they decided to use toy animals in a parade-like stream coming from a toy box.

The album came out in April 1975 and moved up to number 11 on the Billboard 200 album charts. “Sweet Emotion” was released as a single and became somewhat popular on the Billboard Hot 100 – topping out at number 36. Two years later “Walk This Way” made Top 10 on the Hot 100. ‘Toys’ is their most successful studio LP in the United States, with eight million copies sold and counting. The album was number 229 on Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. “Walk This Way” and “Toys in the Attic” are included in the list of the 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll presented by the Rock Hall. The record found a new round of attention in 1986 when Run-DMC released their version of “Walk This Way”, which helped revive Aerosmith’s fading popularity. The numbers below show an amazing increase in sales of the album for two years beginning in 1986, finishing a surge into 5x Multi-Platinum status for a remarkable Christmas in 1988.


Some Aerosmith fans believe that Tyler wrote “Sweet Emotion” due to the tension and hatred between the band and Joe Perry’s wife. In Aerosmith’s aforementioned autobiography, and in an episode of Behind the Music, it was revealed that ongoing feuds among the band members’ wives may have contributed to the band’s dissolution in the early 1980s.

Although ridiculed by critics, the band had cultivated a strong following after constant touring and incredibly ferocious concerts. And they also started living like the rock and roll stars they had become, indulging their substantial appetite for drugs. In the summer of 1976, the band followed up with Rocks, which is considered by many fans, critics, and fellow musicians to be a watershed moment in their career. It was already a Platinum album when it was issued, and ended up achieving quadruple Platinum status.

aerosmith-in-spotlightWhen it comes to Aerosmith albums, it should be noted that Jack Douglas produced ‘Wings’, ‘Toys’, Rocks and Draw the Line. His intimate partnership with the group went beyond the producing and engineering aspects. Douglas provided musical contributions to the group at times when they were in need of material for their projects, and he helped write “Kings and Queens”. He was sometimes referred to as “the sixth member” of the group due to his close relationship with the band.

These days the original members are back together, touring and recording just like in the past. The guys have been reunited since Valentine’s Day of 1984, and we hope that they keep it that way. Get tour dates for the summer and find other band goodies from their website, from FaceBook, or follow the Twitter link below. Hopefully — if you’re also a fan — the band will tour in your area very soon.

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